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We provide cutting-edge semiconductor packaging and systems’ solutions designed to meet the ever challenging demands of the electronics industry.

Are you an enterprise which is a fabless venture, a startup, an IDM, or an IP Developer in search of cutting-edge solutions for your semiconductor packaging and systems?

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Architect and Design Packaging Solutions

End-to-end innovative packaging solutions with latest technologies.

Total System Design Solutions

Complete system form factor and validation vehicle development and delivery.

Building Products

Embarking on building a strong partnership with OSATs, IDMs, ODMs to develop and build leading edge products.


Consultation for OSAT/ATMP set-up for joint ventures or sole ownership business enterprises

As we evolve, we are open for partnerships with industry enablers to advance the semiconductor ecosystem.

Suresh Subramanyam

30+ years of experience in leading Multinational Semiconductor and Electronics System companies

Satisha Naraharimurthy

Accomplished entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in varied leadership roles

Guru Prasad

With a career spanning over 15 years in strategic business planning positions, I have worked extensively with companies within the private equity sector.

SLN Murthy
SLN Murthy

SLN Murthy was the pioneer behind India's very first CAD-based center for PCBs and played a crucial role in the country's defense and missile development programs. After spending more than a decade at Bharat Electronics, he took on the challenge of a startup with an entrepreneurial spirit. He established a successful startup in the PCB and system design domains which was acquired by an European conglomerate, in 2008. SLN Murthy's passion has always been to develop professionals; he has trained over 4000 engineers since 2000, many of them work for MNCs and Defense R&D groups. He has conducted over 150 training programs to Space, Defense, Telecom, and Automotive companies on Signal Integrity and Power Integrity. He has been a founding member of IEEE-EPS, Technical Advisor–IPC, Senior Member IEEE, and has been on committees of many International and National conferences and workshops. Currently, SLN Murthy is Co-Founder and VP of a product company, with 3 patents pending. He is also actively involved in guest-lecturing at universities, sharing his knowledge about Signal Integrity and educating young minds.

Suresh Subramanyam

Suresh’s dream to establish Semiconductor Packaging Development capabilities in India was realized about 2 decades back. After spending 8 years in Singapore, he returned to India in 2003, starting the first multi-disciplined team at Intel India, hiring engineers from the US and India. For nearly 20 years at Intel India, Suresh led the way, forming, and guiding multiple teams. His pioneering efforts laid a strong foundation for Packaging Development expertise across various divisions in India. He played a pivotal role in bringing about more than 25 successful package tape-outs for CPUs, GPUs, and Northbridge/Gfx Chipsets. He initiated set-up of Package Thermal and Package Electrical Labs, among several Firsts at Intel.

Notably, in 2004, he co-founded the IEEE-Electronics Packaging Society’s Bangalore Chapter, showcasing his visionary zeal and commitment to the niche domain. From 2016 to 2018, he served on the Board of Governors Council of the IEEE-Electronics Packaging Society, USA. With a broad experience in packaging technology development, architecture & design, high-volume manufacturing, assembly tooling, PCB and systems design & mfg., leadership and organizational development, Suresh is envisioning to lead R&D efforts, as he develops deep-tech experts across multiple engineering disciplines at Infinipack. In the era of Chiplets and Heterogeneous Integration with Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technologies, Infinipack is poised to be a valuable enterprise in the ever- evolving semiconductor global ecosystem.

Satisha Naraharimurthy

Satisha Naraharimurthy is an accomplished entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in varied leadership roles with NichePro Technologies, NetZealous LLC, and other ventures. His entrepreneurial journey began with Comcast Solutions, focusing on high-end IT corporate training and technical recruitment for several multinational product based captive centres. He founded NichePro Technologies, offering IT services and solutions, before its acquisition by TeamLease Services. He leads NetZealous, providing professional training in regulatory compliance, HR, healthcare, and IT, a pioneer in the North American market.

As an angel investor he supports entrepreneurship by investing in several high-end technology companies like Virtulive Technologies which offers innovative collaboration solutions, Cloudcollab Technologies which is a niche IT services provider, and with Infinipack being the latest in his quest for high growth, new age ventures. Satisha's journey reflects his commitment to entrepreneurship and professional growth and he continues to promote, invest, and mentor startups across diverse industries.

With the advent of the Chiplets-driven Semiconductor Packaging Development transition, the trio decided to lead the way for India with simple yet a powerful goal: to create a hub that would nurture top-notch talent in advanced packaging and systems engineering, enriching the entire ecosystem.

Our Ethos


India’s pioneer in Advanced Semiconductor Packaging and Systems-Technology Development and Design Engineering; catalyzing businesses to develop leading-edge products.


Collaborate from Architecture phase to accelerate Product Development, to deliver performance and cost optimal solutions to semiconductor and system companies.


A platform that empowers the ecosystem with world-class advanced packaging and systems engineering talent in the Chiplets era.

Core Values


We are committed in delivering packaging solutions of highest quality and standards. Fuel growth, innovation and industry leadership, both internally and in stakeholder interactions.


We believe in unwavering honesty, ethics, and consistency in actions. We keep transparency and communication at the forefront throughout our engagement, to form a foundation for credibility and trust.


We are dedicated to continuous learning, development, and expansion. We encourage adaptability, innovation and personal/professional advancement and invest in long-term success of our enterprise and the ecosystem partners.


We are driven towards making meaningful and positive change to benefit stakeholders, society, and the environment. Our resolute commitment revolves around shaping the semiconductor packaging ecosystem and enabling businesses to develop leading-edge products.

Why choose us?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of experts possesses comprehensive knowledge of semiconductor and packaging technologies, are dedicated to designing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring your devices receive the best solutions.

Innovation at its Core

Our visionary approach and relentless pursuit of innovations drives us to pursue technological breakthroughs, enabling us to create truly remarkable products that redefine the future

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, fostering lasting partnerships built on trust and performance.

Industry and University Partnership

We have access to fresh minds from leading universities brimming with innovative ideas driving cutting edge research. Our global industry partnership will bring in-depth market insights, resources for efficient production and build products which are innovative, practical and market-ready.


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